Limitations of Services to Users from Russia

Updated · 10 August 2022 · 10:02 AM
Due to the current restrictive regulatory environment around the provision of crypto-related services across the European Union, and following the EU’s fifth package of restrictive measures against Russia, Cryptology is required to temporary limit services for the following groups of customers, who have crypto assets exceeding the value of 10,000 EUR (or equivalent):
  1. Russian nationals or natural persons residing in Russia;
  2. Legal persons, entities or bodies established in Russia
User accounts that fall under this restriction will be limited to withdrawal operations only and will be given a 60-day period to allocate their assets above the 10,000 EUR (or equivalent) threshold to their personal wallets. This rule applies to all products available on Cryptology Exchange, including Spot, Futures and Earn, which means that you can have a total of 10,000 EUR (or equivalent) deposited in all products in aggregate.

If the user's balance on the Spot, Futures wallet and Earn deposits in total exceeds 10,000 euros (or the equivalent in any other currency), the following operations will be unavailable to the user:

  • Fiat deposits;
  • New Earn deposits;
  • Spot trades;
  • Futures trades;
  • Transfers between Spot and Futures balances.

To disable the restriction on the account, the user should make a withdrawal and reduce the balance. Please note, that user accounts of the Restricted Customers with a total value below 10,000 EUR (or equivalent) remain active and fully functional.
If you still have any questions regarding the above restrictions, you can always contact our support or send your query to Thank you for your understanding.

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