Legal & Privacy

Risk Warning and Disclosure

Last updated: October 25th, 2018
  • This statement is provided to you as a user of Cryptology’s Platform — in accordance with the Terms of Service — as per good international practice and for informational purposes only, this is not an exhaustive list of the potential risks involved.

  • It is important for Cryptology that you understand the risks involved in buying and selling virtual currencies and using our Platform. You should remain aware of the risks involved, your financial resources and monitor your positions continently and carefully.

  • Virtual currencies carry a high degree of risk, where the funds you decide to deposit and use on the Platform may be at risk and large and/or complete losses are possible. Before engaging into a transaction, you should understand the virtual currencies you are about to buy to sell and should take into account the nature, volatility and legality of each virtual currency, as the legal status of certain virtual currencies or other related assets may be uncertain. Meaning that the buying and selling of certain virtual currencies may be regulated by different laws and regulations.

  • You should also understand that there is a degree of technical risk associated with using the Platform, this may include, but is not limited to, software bugs, failure of hardware, delayed updates and loss of internet connection, slippage, and other technical errors on Cryptology’s or your end.

  • You should also be aware that there are risks related to malicious intent of other users of the Platform or market participants that may result in unauthorized access to the Platform, your account, distribution of malware and other harmful software.

  • Virtual currencies also operate in a market where abnormal market conditions may occur, such as volatile price movements, influx of new participants, and others that may distort the regular use of the Platform, the placing of orders or their execution.

  • Cryptology does not provide any advise about the merits of a particular transaction, nor does it give any form of investment advice. You acknowledge that Cryptology’s services do not include investment advise, asset management or any other type of fiduciary obligation to your use of the Platform and you alone enter into transactions and take relevant decisions based on your own judgement, risk and understanding of your financial capabilities.

  • Cryptology does not provide any legal or tax advise relating to any transaction or activity you take on the Platform. You are solely responsible to seek independent expert advise in this regard.

  • By using the Platform, there is no guarantee of profit nor of avoiding losses, and nothing contained on the Cryptology’s website, content and Platform should be understood otherwise.