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Getting started with a Cryptology Grid bot

Updated · 26 June 2023 · 3:22 PM

How to configure the Futures Trading Bot?

  1. Choose the contract and click on the futures grid option.
  2. Then select if you want to go Short Long or you may choose both options.
  3. Then indicate the lowest price you think it will reach and the upper price.
  4. You'll see the space down below where you may choose the number of orders you want the bot to make, between 2 to 100. It depends on your strategy and the risk you want to assume. 
  5. After completing the bot creation, we only need to indicate the investment we want to use for this bot and choose the amount of the profit in percentage for each grid order placed. Once you have created it, you will be able to pause and resume it at any time if you see any change in the market.

After completing all these steps you'll have a Futures grid bot, where you can generate great profitability, and be aware of the possible risk you assume when using this type of bot.

Watch our short video on how to set up and run a Futures Bot:

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