What is the listing process at Cryptology?

Updated · 8 September 2023 · 11:05 AM
  1. Due Diligence. Our expert Listing Team performs a standard check-up on the project, evaluating such elements as the product itself, team and founders, media presence, code, community, and tokenomic review.
  2. KYB (Know Your Business). For our Legal and AML Teams to perform the KYB procedure, your dedicated Listing Manager will request a set of basic documents on the legal entity and a simple questionnaire to fill out and sign.
  3. Finalizing onboarding. Both parties sign a standard Listing Agreement, provided to you by the Listing Manager. Kindly notice, that Cryptology has certain MM requirements, which must be met on a daily basis.  Our Partner MM Providers will take care of it for you, or you can choose any third-party MM Provider
  4. Marketing Campaign Planning. Our experienced Marketing Team will make sure to meet all your needs and prepare a targeted Marketing Campaign catered to your project. Cryptology does not impose any fees for conducting extra marketing activities. However, we do encourage and appreciate token prize funds for distribution (Airdrops, Giveaways, Trading Competitions, etc.) in order to raise the visibility of your project.
  5. Integration & tech organization. Once the Token is integrated into the Platform, you have the option to either establish three MM accounts and configure all the necessary settings yourself or let our Partner MM Providers handle it for you!
  6. Listing Announcement. As scheduled, we announced the Listing and launched the Marketing Campaign. Good news! Even after the campaign is over, our team will remain in contact with you and coordinate further initiatives to continuously promote your token!
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