Solana staking with Cryptology

Choose from fixed or flexible options, stake SOL and earn rewards by being part of your favorite blockchain’s vibrant community.
Staking Pos coins

About SOL staking

Solana is a high-performance blockchain platform designed for dApps and cryptocurrencies. It uses a unique consensus mechanism called Proof of History to ensure its network is secure.
Solana’s network prides itself on low fees, fast transactions and secure infrastructure when staking. When combined with Cryptology’s staking service this means you will have a seamless experience, minimizing cost and maximizing returns.
Over the years Solana has integrated interoperability into their blockchain so you can move your rewards from Solana to other networks easily with reduced fees. And thanks to its popularity and versatility as a blockchain, the total market cap of staked SOL is an impressive $9.69 billion.

Solana Staking Process

Set up your account with Cryptology.
Deposit your SOL tokens or buy them on our exchange.
Choose from a range of different staking options.
Complete the process and start collecting your rewards!
Staking Solana with us is that simple. You can view your earnings by the day via our dedicated staking dashboard, offering both transparency and security. And with our flexible options and the lowest locking period for their tokens.

Why stake SOL with Cryptology?

Competitive APR
Secure infrastructure
No lock-up periods
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