How to deposit USD/EUR using the Boleto option?

Updated · 26 December 2022 · 10:19 AM

On the Cryptology account's main page, click “All balances”:

Click on the option “Deposit”:

Choose “Exchange” on the balance and USD or EUR on the wallet and then click “Next” to continue:

Choose the option “Boleto” and proceed to type the amount you will deposit:

Type the amount in BRL or USD and double-check how much you will receive, then click “Next” To continue:

Click “Confirm” to proceed with the final steps:

You will be redirected to a partner website to fill out some information and continue with the process. Please, fill out your data according to the information you have provided on the Cryptology platform and click on "Pay":

Click on "Imprimir" to print out the Boleto:

You can pay the Boleto at some banks, Lotéricas, post offices, supermarkets, or online banking:

After the payment has been processed, the balance will be updated soon.

Please, save your invoice just in case you need it for further explanations or clarifications.
Don’t hesitate to contact our Support Team if you need any help.

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