Can I use Russian cards to buy cryptocurrencies or to make a deposit on the exchange?

Updated · 27 July 2023 · 2:28 PM

At the moment, payment with Russian cards may be restricted due to sanctions. Many international services, as well as ours, cannot accept payments from Russia. In addition, many Russian banks restrict payments on cryptocurrency services for security reasons.

We recommend several options:

  1. Purchase cryptocurrency using your bank card issued from the foreign bank;
  2. Make a SEPA deposit in EUR if you have a bank account in the EU;
  3. Make a SEPA deposit in USD if you have a bank account in the Unlimit Bank;
  4. Exchange rubles for cryptocurrency on third-party services that support payments from Russia;
  5. Make a deposit in cryptocurrency to the Cryptology balance, then you can use the deposit on the platform for trading or for Earn Savings.

Please note: be careful when choosing a third-party company to exchange rubles for cryptocurrency. For security purposes check the reliability, reputation, and reviews of the service on which you plan to make exchange your funds.

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